CIM Adaptor for SCADA and Control systems Underlaid by DAIS and Open-source
CASCUDO Project is an attempt to develop a DAIS based interface for SCADA/EMS/DMS systems.
CASCUDO is focused on standards, allowing easy integration of software packages using a vendor-independent API and a standardized information model.






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Problems Being Addressed

UMS (Utility Management Systems) data format and dictionary are generally proprietary and trade secret. Each vendor uses its own data format, database and libraries, even though they all basically represent the same information. This restriction makes it very difficult to integrate applications with the UMS [3].

To address these needs, the EPRI (Electric Power Research Institute) has created the CCAPI Project (Working Group on Control Center Application Program Interfaces), a joint effort with major software companies to develop an integration framework that enables applications or systems to access public data and exchange information independent of how such information is represented inside the applications [1]. The CCAPI Working Group published a set of guidelines for EMS/DMS API, to develop associated support tools and promote the use of open software engineering approaches in EMS [3].

One part of this framework is the Common Information Model for Energy Management Systems (CIM). This information model provides an abstract data model for a complete power system using the Unified Modeling Language (UML) notation. The role of the CIM is to provide a common language for information exchange [1].

Envisioning a "plug & play" architecture and a common exchange mechanism, a series of standard interfaces where defined. These interfaces are called the Generic Interface Definition (GID). The idea behind the GID is that software components can interoperate through a well defined, common set of services. The GID defines interfaces in the following categories: common data access, method invocation, event generation, and interface declaration and discovery. It builds on existing API industry standards, specifically [1]:

The CIM and the GID are International Standards, part of the IEC 61970 EMS API series of standards.

Objectives of CASCUDO are:

Key technologies for CASCUDO are:

What is a “cascudo”?

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